Guide to DUE2 Porcelain Pavers

Guide to DUE2 Porcelain Pavers

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to get outdoor patios and pool decks ready for some fun in the sun. Exuding the richness and elegance of natural materials, our due2 collection of porcelain pavers are the perfect solution to upgrade your summertime hardscape this season.

DUE2 is a 20 mm thick porcelain stoneware collection by Del Conca USA. The collection is the right solution for any type of outdoor flooring and is hard-wearing, anti-slip, weather resistant and capable of withstanding heavy loads. Because DUE2 porcelain pavers are available in a range of sizes and material effects, it is a great alternative to the usual natural stone pavers or wood decking around pools. It’s 20 mm thickness and additional trims and accessories offer customers complete customization of pools, their edges and the entire surrounding area.


Our due2 porcelain pavers are a safe solution for pool decks and raised patios because they are slip resistant – even when wet or damp. Unlike natural stone or wood, they do not require periodic treatment and maintenance to keep them them aesthetically sound and long lasting.

Porcelain pavers are a strong, waterproof and durable material. It is impervious to water and frost, allowing you to get the beauty and aesthetic appeal of a natural surface without having to worry about stains, water absorption or weathering. The pavers are also resistant to mold and moss, making them a safe and healthier alternative for pool surrounds.


Porcelain pavers are a versatile choice for outdoor patios and pools. Made from kiln-fired clay and finished with inkjet printing, porcelain pavers can resemble any type of stone or wood material in color and texture. Del Conca USA offers a vast assortment of colors and looks, from a classic travertine to modern and rustic woods effects. The end result is an aesthetically beautiful paver that allows for incredible design potential in any exterior environment.

Low Maintenance

Porcelain pavers are stain resistant, easy to clean and require little maintenance. Unlike natural stone, porcelain pavers do not require sealing, repainting or retouching. It will not fade over time, even in intense sun exposure.

Thanks to its hardness and weather-resistance, due2 can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water jet.


Porcelain pavers can be installed on grass, sand, gravel, concrete slabs or raised using pedestals.

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