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Enthusiasm, energy and commitment are the underlying characteristics shared by the team of dynamic people that are the beating heart of Del Conca USA Inc.


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“I enjoy working at DelConca because of the people that I work with and because I have great benefits!”

Maria Castillo

Selection department team leader

1 / 8
“I like making customers happy when they receive our product, and it surpasses their expectations.”

Eric Bailey

Rectifying department technician

2 / 8
“Enjoybeing able to meet the driver’s from all over that visit our facility. Greatwork environment to share with great people.”

Mike Bledsoe

Production Operator – Body Prep Raw Materials

3 / 8
"As a team, we grow together and nurture one another, and I know I did not arrive at this point in my career alone. From the first day I walked trough the doors of Del Conca USA in 2013, it was like work home to me. Thank you to Del Conca management, and there is a long list of you, for taking a chance on me and for allowing me to grow with your company!"

Lesa Williams

Senior Human Resources Operations Generalist

4 / 8
“I would recommend my department to work to anyone that likes structure in their work day without too many challenges. Great family atmosphere.”

Andy Stakley

Glazing Department Team Lead

5 / 8
“I love the people that I work with and management is amazing"

Rhodney Garrison

Spare Parts Inventory Coordinator

6 / 8
"Have enjoyed lots of opportunities for growth and advancement. Great people to workwith."

Miguel Lopez

Production operator in the Selection line

7 / 8
What do you look forward to each day when you begin work? “getting to see and work with my team”

Sean Hatcher

Team Leader

8 / 8