Best Neutral Tiles for Your Space

Best Neutral Tiles for Your Space

As we move into summer, neutral colors are trending as a way to bring rich, earthy tones into the design space. While many of us expect neutrals to remain in a color palette of whites, beiges and grays and act as a background addition in interior decor, this season’s neutrals are making a major impact.

There’s a growing idea among designers that neutrals don’t need to be without color – in fact, they can be quite the opposite. The new neutrals are hardly neutral at all. Blues, greens, pinks and fun materials like marble and wood are becoming statement makers in design.

Here are five neutral porcelain tiles to make an impact in your space.

Warm Neutrals

These warm neutral porcelain tiles are extremely versatile and can complement a range of decor.

Cool Neutrals

Cool toned neutrals are a great way to promote calm and tranquility in a design space. The blue undertones add layers of depth as an accent wall, floor or trim piece.

Neutral Green

Around here we like to say that green is nature’s neutral. The calming vibes and connection with nature are a great way to promote relaxation in a design.

Check out our Frammenti Verde Acqua for a beautiful green finish.

Neutral Blue

Did you know that blue can be a neutral? That’s right. Blue is making waves this season as a fun, fresh take on a neutral. This classic color can evoke a variety of feelings in a space, plus blue can go with almost any color or pattern!

Check out our Frammenti Blu Notte and Azzurro.


Marble is making a statement this year as a cool neutral. The ultra-chic and sophisticated look of marble is the perfect addition to floors, walls, backsplashes and countertops.

Want inspiration? Explore the Nature collection.

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