Private: Charity

2010 Health Center, Etiopia, Wassarà

In just a few months, the small medical dispensary has been transformed into a real hospital. The transfer of health services into the new facilities began already in the summer, and is being gradually completed as the various pavilions are being finished. The number of people benefiting from the health services is on the rise, and a further increase is expected when the hospital is fully operational.The facilities comprise several pavilions: registration, treatment rooms, blood collection stations, areas for diagnosis and treatment of AIDS patients, obstetrics and pediatrics, a dental center, and one of the most important wards, the inpatient ward, built entirely through the contributions of all of Del Conca’s stakeholders. In this ward, necessary basic healthcare is provided to the poorest of the sick with diagnosis, treatment and care. Religious and lay personnel work in the facilities, and local personnel will be aided by medical personnel from Italy and elsewhere in order to complete their training through a direct and on-the-field exchange.