Private: Charity

2009 Tsunami Orphans’ Home in Medan, Indonesia

“It is with great joy that we announce that just 10 months after Christmas 2008, the Tsunami Orphans’ Home in Medan, Indonesia, has been completed and inaugurated.
The initial project, paid for with the funds designated for Christmas gifts, has been enhanced with a nursery to host those children who do not have even a hut in which to sleep.
Now a good 100 children can attend the day center to eat, study and wash themselves every day.
Your 2009 Christmas gift makes a new dream come true encouraged by these exciting and surprising results, Together with you, we would like to furnish the classrooms, the kitchen, the nursery, we want to build a well, We want to put the garden and surrounding walls in order,  we want to buy a bus to transport the children.The Del Conca Group has designated the funds set aside for Christmas gifts to realize all of this.