Choosing the Best Ceramic Tile for Your Project

Choosing the Best Ceramic Tile for Your Project

The vast array of ceramic tile designs, shapes, sizes, and colors gives you the optimum advantage when choosing ceramic tile. The best ceramic tile can really compliment the personal aesthetic you have planned for your home. 

Where to Find the Right Ceramic Tile 

You can purchase ceramic tile from Del Conca, but first it is important to: Explore tiles appropriate for your project. For example, tiles with the appropriate slip resistance for areas exposed to moisture. Acquire sample tiles in the color, shae and size you are considering. This way you can review them onsite for your project. Also consider asking your installer to create a sample dry layout so that you can see the tile in a specific pattern before installation. Understand the quantity needed for the project and the availability during your project timeline. Consider grout color along with your tile options to coordinate the entire  installation. Grout color options can emphasize or minimize a design or bring another detail to the design you may not have considered. Coordinate surfaces and elements such as cabinetry, hardware, paint color and lighting. Determine the cost, including installation factors. For example: Will a project cost more because you need additional to match a pattern in the design? Review your choices with your tile contractor/installer.  

While you may be shopping for ceramic tile flooring in one room or for ceramic tile to use in an open floor plan, your flooring decision needs to coordinate with your whole-house aesthetic. The wide variety of looks available in ceramic tile include minimalist, traditional, urban, farmhouse and more. Not sure of your style? Trust a tile professional to help you determine which style fits with your home, including options that work with an eclectic or transitional style.  

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