How To Style Mosaics: Small Tiles, Big Impact

How To Style Mosaics: Small Tiles, Big Impact

How To Style Mosaics: Small Tiles, Big Impact

We know that bigger isn’t always better, and that’s why we offer an array of mosaic tiles. The impact of mosaics is dramatic this season, from their modern design to their ability to give your space a fresh new face. Small mosaic tiles are becoming popular, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, because they’re easier to install and they look great as an accent feature in any design space.

Mosaic tiles are a type of tile material made of small, square, circular or hexagonal pieces of stone, glass, ceramic or porcelain. Mosaic tiles have been around for centuries and have been used in a variety of different ways. In the Middle Ages, they were used to decorate homes and religious buildings. They were later introduced in Europe by the Romans as an alternative to expensive marble or stone tiles. Today, mosaics are popular across the globe as a form of art, and as a decorative application in interior and exterior design.

There are three main types of mosaic tiles: Porcelain, ceramic, and glass. Porcelain is the most natural looking and will feel warm on your feet when walking on it. Ceramic also feels warm but is more prone to breaking than porcelain. Glass beads have a reflective quality that sparkles against the light and are cool underfoot. The choice of mosaic tile material will depend on the desired end result for the project you’re working on because not all tile is suited for all projects.

Just like mosaic tiles can be made of many materials, they can also come in a range of colors, textures and shapes. If you’re looking to create a space with a classic, timeless feel we recommend choosing a traditional 1.4 x 1.4 square mosaic tile. Try a 4” x 4” hexagon mosaic or rectangular mosaic sheet to make a dramatic impact or go with a fun shaped mosaic for the ultimate statement maker.


Square mosaics are a great way to add depth and contrast to a design space. They can be easily used as a trim piece around a larger field tile or placed on a shower floor, shower pan, or even a floor or backsplash in the bathroom or kitchen.


Hexagon mosaics are a fun and statement-making addition to bathroom walls and backsplashes. The shape is impactful and ideal for those looking for something less traditional.

Check out our Nature marble hexagon mosaic tiles for inspiration.


Small rectangular mosaics make an impact in any space. The West 57th stone collection has a variety of rectangular mosaics to choose from in five colors – Nero, Moka, Grigio, Bianco and Beige.


Intreccio mosaics are beautiful, interlocking designs that create a pleasant feeling of movement and connection.

The Gotham stone collection has a selection of intricate intreccio mosaics in four colors – Nero, Grigio, Bianco and Beige.


Our Neopolis Capri mosaic tiles are great for designers requesting something a bit different. The shape is a series of trapezoids, while the pattern features mirrored layouts of each individual tile.


floor tile

Muretto tiles are rectangular brick tiles, attached on mesh backing in 12 x 24-in sheets. The tile placement is offset, but together provides a cohesive look. Muretto tiles are great for elongating a space, and can make smaller areas in a home feel larger.

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