The new collection GA by GIUGIARO ARCHITETTURA draws its inspiration from the air intake patterns of Parcour and the texture of carbon fiber, a material that witnesses to the technological calling of the two brands.  The result is a play of balance between smooth and textured surfaces created with shades of black and gray, colors that evoke the brand identity of Giugiaro Archietettura.  Destined for use in all of the rooms of the home – from the living room to the kitchen – the GA collection by GIUGIARO ARCHITETTURA is also perfect for commercial spaces. Its style is contemporary and the signature of GIUGIARO ARCHITETTURA is present and visible on some of the tiles. Created from through body colored porcelain stoneware tile, the collection is resistant to damage from wear and scratching, acids and bases, and – like carbon fiber – resistant to extreme weather conditions.

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