Del Conca technical partner of Andretti Autosport

Del Conca technical partner of Andretti Autosport

Located in Banbury, an area historically known for being the basis of many renowned Formula 1 teams, and much more besides, are the new European headquarters of ANDRETTI AUTOSPORT, a motor racing team famous in the car world for participation in the top-level championships.  Founded by star driver Michael Andretti, son of Mario, former F1 World Champion and Formula IndyCar ace , icon of American sports and popular culture, this Team today is starting to  build a story of great successes also in the ABB FIA Formula E  Championship, the leading  motosport series for electric cars.Andretti declaration: “For our European headquarters we chose Del Conca for the style and quality of the products. Furthermore, given their experience in motorsport, we considered they would be a reliable partner, and, in fact, this was the case.”Formula E is the first fully electric championship in the world sanctioned by the FIA and welcomes all the major manufacturers to its races, which are now, with increasing commitment, moving towards electric mobility, providing a platform for the development of  vehicles that we will be driving in the near future.

As was already the case in the past with the construction of the prestigious McLaren headquarters in London, designed by Norman Foster, and that of the Toro Rosso team in Faenza, the Del Conca Group is back on the field to provide the best performing products suitable for highly technological environments in which vehicles are designed for world competitions. In fact, Del Conca has always specialised in the production of ceramic floor and wall coverings ideal for environments subject to large loads and that guarantee maximum hygiene. In a space in perfect urban style, Ceramica del Conca is therefore a major protagonist.

This location was chosen with a very specific goal  explains Davide Mularoni, President of Ceramica del Conca Spa – to build the Andretti headquarters in Europe that best reflect the value of the brand and the spirit of the team. For this reason, the cement-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces with an essential texture used in light grey were chosen. A minimalist yet impressive aesthetic result, perfect for Andretti Autosport that sought to recreate simple yet vibrant atmospheres, full of personality, combining them with the exceptional technical performance of Del Conca floorings”. High-impact environments with the added advantages of resistance to stains, of hygiene, ease of cleaning and immutability that only porcelain stoneware is able to guarantee. The result is spaces with a contemporary mood, rich in technique, cutting-edge technology and aesthetic research. The large format chosen also enhances the structural peculiarities and enables expansion of the spaces.

Andretti Autosport chose Del Conca as a supplier not only for its recognised reputation as a company close to technology, sport and design but also for its correct environmental policy. The Del Conca Group is attentive to the respect of natural resources and the containment of energy consumption: objectives that it follows with constancy and commitment to provide its customers with a product that, in addition to having high-level aesthetic and technical characteristics, is achieved while respecting the environment. The complete reuse within the production cycle of water and industrial production waste as well as the selection of its suppliers with criteria of attention to environmental sensitivity are the principles underlying the Del Conca Group’s environmental Policy. So while on the one hand there is a motor racing team with vehicles and drivers competing in the most eco-friendly speed championship in the world, on the other there is a company that produces ceramic flooring and wall coverings with the most advanced technology capable of minimising environmental impact.Thanks to this partnership, Ceramica del Conca customers will be able to attend some of the most iconic street circuit race tracks  in the world that make up the ABB FIA Formula E racing calendar.The contact with Andretti came about thanks to the relationship with RTR Sports Marketing and to a ten-year collaboration for the construction of actual physical headquarters related to motor sports. Del Conca is very proud of the prestigious achievements to date.

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