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Bathroom Tile Trends: 2022

Bathroom Tile Trends: 2022

Bathroom Tile Trends: 2022

Designing a new bathroom, or simply refreshing an existing space? Either way, browsing the latest bathroom tile trends is a great place to start.

Bathroom tile trends give you not only insight into what’s popular in interior design, but also a launching point for exploring your own personal aesthetic and preferences. Increasingly, we’ve seen homeowners being a bit more adventurous with small powder room designs and making primary bathroom spaces uniquely their own — not merely making a functional space.

So, consider these 2022 bathroom tile trends your first step in choosing a bathroom tile design. Take inspiration from them and let your creative juices flow. And remember — the #1 bathroom tile trend this year is to have fun and not hold yourself back.

1. Ribbon Tile

backsplash tile
Trending ribbon tile is doubly on display in this living space, with long skinny tiles.

Long skinny tiles — sometimes referred to as “ribbons” or “slats” — are one of the latest bathroom tile trends.

Ribbons and slats come in numerous designs, so you have options to choose from when installing them in your bathroom. For example:

  • Install them in mosaics.
  • Set them between larger tiles.
  • Use large tiles that are made to look like slats.
  • Lay them in unique patterns, such as the herringbone pattern.
  • Incorporate texture, either by choosing textured tiles or laying them in a way that creates a 3D effect.

2. Black and White Patterned Floors

black and white tile


This black and white pattern, continued across multiple floor tiles, is reminiscent of early black and white bathroom floor tiles and the checkerboard tile pattern.

One of the biggest bathroom floor tile trends is black and white patterned tile.

That’s not to say that black and white tile patterns are new — in fact, they’ve long been popular and were actually one of the original bathroom floor tile designs. When bathrooms were first installed in homes, common floor tile designs included hexagon, octagon and dot, and penny round tile in black and white.

3. Cement Look Tile

stone tile

This bathroom wall features a dark cement tile while integrating an Aztec stone look.

Here’s another current trend in bathroom cement tile that has shown some staying power.

Cement tile is currently trending as a preference for more natural and organic looks grows. But while traditional tile consisted of intricate multicolor mosaics, the modern resurgence is simplifying the design. We now see primarily cement tile looks, although color blocking and incorporating bold colors is also popular. Mass-produced cement tiles are now available, broadening the availability of tile options that have a natural cement look.

4. Patterned Hexagon Tile

hexagon tile

This wall tile uses hexagon tiles with a marble touch to create a luxurious tile design.

Vintage-inspired designs continue with our next trend. Hexagon tile first came on the scene during the Victorian era, around the same time as residential bathrooms themselves. That’s right — they’re one of the original black and white bathroom floor tile designs that influenced our trend above.

In addition to helping shape other modern bathroom tile trends, hexagon tile continues to be one of the biggest tile bathroom trends, itself.

Modern hexagon tile designs tend to favor natural patterns, such as the design above.

5. Large-Format Tile

large format tile

Large format porcelain tile makes a regal statement in this primary living room.

Large-format tiles are not only one of the biggest bathroom tile trends for 2022 — they might even be the biggest.

Tile must be at least 12 inches long to be considered large-format, and you can find gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs as large as 10 x 15 feet.

One of the benefits of large-format tiles is minimal grout lines, which creates a cleaner look that can visually amplify your space. Fewer grout lines can also help create the look of wallpaper or massive slabs of natural stone.

Whatever design or look you choose, large-format tiles are sure to impress.


6. Flooring That Continues Into the Shower

Bathroom tile

These on-trend bathroom tiles in a large-format marble look tile continue across the bathroom floor and into the curbless shower.

Open-concept spaces continue to be the new norm, even in bathrooms. Thus we have our next trend: bathroom tile flooring that continues uninterrupted into the shower.

This trend works especially well with large-format tiles and curbless showers, as it creates a seamless design and minimalist look.


7. Retro Squares

retro square tile

This tile features trending backsplash tile in the form of a grid installation.

Classic square or rectangle tiles, often with contrasting grout, are trending right now because of this design’s ability to feel both nostalgic and contemporary at the same time. High-contrast grout will emphasize the grid and make the tiles pop, creating a graphic memorable look.

Because of their smaller size, retro tiles work especially well in small bathrooms.

Bathroom Tile Trends: 2022 and Beyond

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your bathroom tile project! Explore even more Del Conca USA tile on our Pinterest tile boards.


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