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8 Must-Know Outdoor Design Trends in 2021

8 Must-Know Outdoor Design Trends in 2021

Over the past year, outdoor spaces have taken on new life as home offices, classrooms, restaurants and backyard vacation destinations. With more people spending time at home, a focus on exterior design has become increasingly popular as homeowners are looking for new ways to utilize their living spaces Looking ahead into the spring of 2021 and beyond, we see many exciting outdoor trends that will reshape how we view our patios, pools and backyards as more functional extensions of our home. Much of these trends have been influenced by the changes in lifestyle caused by the pandemic and the need to create a multipurpose space that serves as a location for entertaining, relaxing and using in daily activities. Below you will find our outdoor style forecast to offer inspiration for your own outdoor living projects in 2021.

1) Large Scale Outdoor Projects

In the past, outdoor spaces were generally thought of in simpler terms. The space was meant to be practical – consisting of a few chairs, a table and umbrella for shade. But in recent years, outdoor spaces have become larger as homeowners want to create an exterior space to fit their expanding families and social circles. Exterior design is seeing a trend to create patios with multiple rooms to provide ample space during the pandemic, intricate pool designs and landscaping to act as backyard getaways.

Want some serious pool inspiration? Check out this incredible project by Goldberg Design Group.

2) Outdoor Living

Patios and backyards have mainly been thought of as places to entertain guests in the evening. As more people have found themselves working from home, homeowners want to have a space that will allow them to relax and remain productive. The idea of using an outdoor space for all day use has caused many homeowners to consider investing in exterior upgrades.

Read Why Tile’s complete guide to outdoor tile for more information on what to know when starting your next exterior remodeling project.

3) Year-Round Use

As the pandemic continued across the globe throughout 2020, it became clear that creative solutions would have to be used to gather safely during the colder months. We anticipate more home and business owners investing in patio additions that will allow outdoor spaces to be used at any time of year – including gas heaters, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, pizza ovens, heated pools and hot tubs.

Arcadia Backyard Designs did a great job at making this residential space a retreat with the use of a fire pit and poolside fireplace.

4) Bring the Indoors Out

Because people have been spending more time at home, we see outdoor spaces becoming extensions of living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. One of the biggest design trends of 2021 is to create a patio that can accommodate a variety of activities for a prolonged period of time. This can be done by recreating the feel of the indoors through carefully curated designs that maximize the home’s space.Outdoor furniture setups will become popular, such as outdoor kitchens and dining areas. Covered spaces like pergolas, gazebos and sheltered lounges will also be popular.

5) Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a trend we are seeing everywhere in spring 2021 as home and business owners make creating an earth-friendly space a priority. This design trend focuses on designs that are connected with nature through the use of eco-conscious materials, natural color palettes, earthy textures and finishes.

Our Chamonix collection is a testament to this style, inspired by natural stone materials. The surface is crafted to resemble fragments of various stones, sedimented and embedded in the porcelain body. The colors reflect the warm and cool tones of the earth while infusing modern and minimalistic elements.

6) Texture

Another design trend for outdoor spaces is integrating earth tones and visual texture. Instead of a smooth surface, textured tiles can add visual interest and highlight some of the home’s unique exterior architectural features.

The DUE2 Travstone collection is a gentle travertine look that is perfect for adding a stone look texture to the space.

7) White Pavers

White surfaces have been popular inside the home for years, and have begun to expand into outdoor designs in 2021. Creamy white porcelain pavers are a great way to create a relaxing and soothing outdoor space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. White pavers also work as a great contrast against darker patio furniture and other landscape additions.

Check out our new DUE2 Gotham Bianco porcelain paver for inspiration.

8) Thicker Pool Coping

Thicker pool coping will see a rise in popularity in 2021 as it provides a more modern edge with cleaner lines when compared to traditional coping. Our double macro bevel  3 cm coping is now available for Travstone Beige, Gotham and the Chamonix collection.

The 3 cm thickness is more in line with heights set for the bond beam of pools and has a glazed finish that withstands chemicals.

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