2022 Tile Trends: Warm Stones

2022 Tile Trends: Warm Stones

2022 Tile Trends: Warm Stones

All New 2022 Tile Trends Introducing The Warm Stone Style

We’re highlighting warm stone looks in our 2022 tile trends this year.

Stone looks are a great way to add natural allure and texture to a space. And with the general warming up of color palettes over the past few years, it’s no surprise that stone looks are also heating up in color.

Let’s take a look at some examples of these 2022 tile trends.


Grey Swirl Stone-Look Tile

Swirl Stone-Look Tile

The grey veining on this floor is exactly what comes to mind when we think of the warm swirl stone look ceramic tile. Imagine getting lost in this soothing design while soaking in the tub.

Warm Stone-Look Including Mosaic Tile


Stone looks lend themselves to tile mosaics, as well. This wall tile combines a warm, earthy tone with a playful design that creates a 3D illusion. If you ask us, this combo strikes the perfect balance: both down-to-earth and off-the-wall!

Warm Concrete Looks

Ceramic Tile

Concrete-look tile trends may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of stone looks, but they are quite popular these days, especially for industrial projects such as a warehouse-turned-residence, or a factory being reimagined into a boutique hotel. Warmer concrete looks — beige and espresso, for instance — help avoid the cold, stark feeling you might get with large expanses of cool-toned grays.

Warm Slate-Look Tile Trends


Who doesn’t love the look of slate? This slate-look tile wall balances warm red, orange, and yellow tones with cooler grays and blues. Equally importantly, its organic texture enriches the space.

Warm Gray Stone-Look Tile

Gray Stone-Look Tile

Grays can have either cool undertones (such as blue) or warm undertones (such as yellow and brown). Warm grays, as with this floor-to-ceiling tile, are often called “greige” — a combination of “gray” and “beige.”

(Almost) Back-to-Basics Beige Tile

bathroom tile

This bathroom tile almost had us fooled into thinking it was straightforward beige, but then we noticed the ever-so-slight veining. The subtle style contributes to the bathroom’s warm and fresh “washed in sunlight” look.


Warm Up Your Home With Stone-Look Tile Trends

In our opinion, warm stone-look tile is the perfect choice to warm up your home (and your heart). Admire even more warm stone ideas on our Pinterest board.

However, before you make your final decision for your next home project, be sure to revisit our other tile products.


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