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Bathroom Tile Trends: 2022

Designing a new bathroom, or simply refreshing an existing space? Either way, browsing the latest bathroom tile trends is a great place to start. Bathroom tile trends give you not only insight into what’s popular in interior design, but also a launching point for...

Six Ways to Update Your Farmhouse Decor

May162022 Tile Design IdeasTile TrendsTile Tips by WhyTile.com If you’re looking to transition your farmhouse decor to a new look or make a modern farmhouse style home uniquely your own, this guide is for you. First, What Is Farmhouse Decor? The seemingly...

2022 Tile Trends: Warm Stones

All New 2022 Tile Trends Introducing The Warm Stone Style We’re highlighting warm stone looks in our 2022 tile trends this year. Stone looks are a great way to add natural allure and texture to a space. And with the general warming up of color palettes over the past...

Ceramic tile is one of the healthiest flooring choices

Health, Hygiene & Ceramic Tile Advantages Italian Tile is Easy to Clean: Wiping with some soap and water is all that’s needed to clean up most messes — no harsh chemicals are necessary to clean your Italian tiles. Bacteria-resistant: inhospitable to the growth of...

Ceramic Tile: A Healthy Choice for a Healthy Planet

Ceramic Tile: A Healthy Choice for a Healthy Planet With the worlds growing concern for health, we’re scrutinizing the standards of the past and setting the bar higher when it comes to the building products and practices we use in our homes. Forward-thinking consumers...

Wood Like-Tile Flooring

Guide: Real Wood isn’t your only option for flooring No one can refute the fact that wood is a classic option when it comes to flooring. But luckily, that’s not your only option. Today, you can easily get wood-like tile flooring which will do wonders for your interior...

Choosing the perfect floor covering is a big decision. With so many choices available, sorting through the endless varieties of materials and styles can be an arduous task – especially when it comes to wood.   Wood is some of the most versatile material in...

Decorative Tile 101

Decorative tiles are a creative way to transform back walls, showers and bathrooms, floors, and other ordinary surfaces to highlight a space. Vibrant colors and intriguing patterns are the hallmarks of today’s decorative tiles, and homeowners snap them up to...

How To Style Mosaics: Small Tiles, Big Impact

We know that bigger isn’t always better, and that’s why we offer an array of mosaic tiles. The impact of mosaics is dramatic this season, from their modern design to their ability to give your space a fresh new face. Small mosaic tiles are becoming popular, especially...

Terrazzo Tile: The Latest Trend in Home Design

If you’re looking for something uniquely designed to accent your home or make an impact, then we have just the thing for you. The hot new interior design trend for 2021 is terrazzo! The fun, speckled material achieved popularity in residential kitchens, bathrooms and...