About us

The planning and design of each collection is conceived and carried out in Italy, in the Group’s own research facility. An across-the-board creative process, the fruit of intensive teamwork involving designers, laboratory and quality technicians in order to ensure uniquely distinctive products; all made in the USA at the high-tech facility in Loudon, TN, the latest proud achievement of the Del Conca Group. The resulting products, incorporating dynamic taste and the latest trends, are generously endowed with cultural values, beauty and authenticity in order to enhance any architectural, residential or commercial space, both indoor and outdoor.

Where we are

Del Conca USA is the USA subsidiary of the Del Conca Group. With four factories located in Italy, San Marino and the USA, the Group has a product portfolio containing floor and wall, indoor and outdoor, pavers and porcelain slabs. Del Conca USA’s products are designed in Italy with an eye for North American taste and made in the USA for maximum convenience. The best collections by Del Conca and Faetano are stocked in Loudon, TN, offering additional products from the Del Conca Group.


Attention to detail, sensitivity to the environment and innovation are necessary to remain faithful to the vocation of producing ceramic tiles. The awareness of a historical and artistic heritage are drawn on for inspiration. An open and active vision of the evolution of the contemporary world, associated with creativity and originality, are the driving forces behind the development of superior quality surfaces that represent high quality Italian design culture. An innovative production system is used to create porcelain stoneware with high-definition graphics, which is resistant to wear and chemical agents, easy to clean, and is suitable for spaces exposed to strong external stress.

Our Team

Enthusiasm, energy and commitment are the underlying characteristics shared by the team of dynamic people that are the beating heart of Ceramica del Conca. The creation of a close-knit working group, which believes in the company’s values and desire for continuous renewal, is an important resource; this great resource must be nurtured with great care and attention. The ethical qualities, sense of responsibility and professional skills of each member of the team must be enhanced through refresher and training courses. In this way, through the experience and know-how acquired together with trusted partners and experienced collaborators, the cultural, technological, and aesthetic content of the products and services is transformed into something unique, capable of generating and implementing ideas that are always different and innovative.

Social Responsibility

The Del Conca Group has always been active in the social sphere also thanks to the Cino Mularoni Foundation, which aims to organize cultural and scientific events, encouraging studies and research and contributing to the training of young scholars and to supporting various publishing activities. The Del Conca Group employs human and economic resources to promote a wide number of philanthropic activities, obtaining concrete results in the humanitarian field with solidarity projects all over the world. Since the first project carried out in Indonesia in 2008, the focus has been on the importance of health and education as a basis for social and economic development of all the poorest countries in the world; since then the company has fully committed to this mission and has moved in that direction through the construction of schools, family houses, water networks, health centers and hospital wards. Support was also provided to the populations strongly affected by the earthquakes in Italy in 2012 and 2016.


Respect for the environment and natural resources, combined with attention to energy consumption, has always been a key goal which the company pursues. The aim is to offer customers a product that not only has high quality technical and aesthetic features but that is also manufactured according to sustainability criteria. The environmental policy is implemented by raising the awareness of employees and suppliers on ecology and energy saving issues. The company’s environmental philosophy is attentive to the environment and to people’s well-being. It is based on the complete internal re-use of the industrial water produced during the company and third-party’s processing cycles, the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere in line with the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol, the recovery of all non-fired production waste during production and proper waste management.