Choosing the perfect floor covering is a big decision. With so many choices available, sorting through the endless varieties of materials and styles can be an arduous task – especially when it comes to wood.


Wood is some of the most versatile material in design, and its natural characteristics and wood grain make no two pieces alike. From rustic to contemporary styles, there is a solution for any decorative taste.


When it comes to incorporating wood into your space, you must first decide whether to use hardwood or porcelain tile planks. While hardwood tiles do look beautiful in the home, several advancements in technology have been made in recent years to allow porcelain tile to be printed with realistic wood face imagery and textures. Porcelain wood tiles are an ideal option for those looking to upgrade their spaces with a stylish and durable material.

Design Options


Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of styles and colors, but its variety ends at what nature will allow. Wood look tiles can be made to look like any natural wood material, including new varieties, styles and colors that designers come up with. The options are endless.


The Lumber collection embodies the spirit of rustic wood, while Amsterdam provides a more metropolitan look.

wood look tile flooring

Water Resistance


Porcelain tiles are nonporous and will not absorb moisture or spilled liquids, preventing water damage in the long-term. Its water resistant quality makes it the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms.




Hardwood can be easily damaged with dents and scratches due to shoes, pets and other factors. Porcelain tile is a harder material, making it much stronger and more resistant to damage.




Porcelain tile is much easier to maintain than hardwood. Natural wood floors must be cleaned regularly with a wood floor cleaner and must be refinished every 3-5 years. Porcelain tile requires very little effort to maintain, and spills can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water.

Environmentally Friendly

When you choose tile, you’re making a good decision for the environment. By using wood look tiles, you are helping to reduce the number of trees harvested every year to be used in flooring.


Want to learn more about the benefits of wood-look porcelain tile? Watch the video.