Sars Covid 19 Pandemic slows down Christmas 2019 project

The 2019 Christmas Project was aimed at the construction of an educational establishment in Zambia, capable of hosting over 200 pupils in the Fisenge area, one of the poorest in the country. After 11 uninterrupted years of successful projects – usually completed within a few months – this is the very first time we regrettably find ourselves forced to announce that, due to the Sars Covid 19 Pandemic, the African continent too has come to a halt. Our school project was blocked by the Zambian Government due to the unsuitable size of the classrooms, as a result of the new distancing requirements caused by the pandemic. Following talks with the Carità Senza Confini Association, we decided not only not to withdraw the allocated funds, but also to integrate them with additional ones and to allocate them to a pre-existing school extension project in Mitengo, a village nearby Fisenge. Such asset allocation change, now aimed at the construction of eight new classrooms, represents yet another a successful achievement for us, in that it is in line with our ultimate objective of providing as many kids as possible with the chance of attending school. The construction works, authorised by the Local Government already, started last November, and we will be monitoring them over the next few months.On a final note, sadly, this Christmas we decided to postpone the announcement of any new projects. We are all going through very difficult times which, among other things, are making it difficult for the volunteers to interact with the Foreign Governments. As a result, this leaves us without any guarantees in terms of project completion. We all hope our lives will soon be back to normal, with the end of the COVID-19 health emergency, and that this communication of ours finds you safe and well, ready to enjoy a peaceful Christmas.