Beautiful landscape garden with due2 in Texas

due2 through body porcelain 20 mm thickness will welcome you as you enter the front door! The owners are proud of this spectacular decorated house. Meet family and friends in the beautiful landscaped garden in the large pool with plenty of space to relax and enjoy a glass of wine or a cold drink.

due2 is porcelain stoneware, 20 mm thick, by Del Conca USA, the right solution for any type of outdoor flooring. Hard wearing, anti-slip, resistant to weather and mechanical action, without compromises, and with the same aesthetic appeal as the most advanced indoor products. Every item from the series due2 Cera- mica del Conca has a corresponding item of traditional thickness to match outdoor with indoor décor.

due2 was created for quick and easy dry installations, on grass, sand, gravel. It can also be used to build raised installations that are perfectly level, and therefore of practical use, such as terraces and terraced roofs, allowing rainwater to flow below the flooring where it is collected by a waterproof membrane, and where there is a readily serviceable cavity that can be used as a conduit for installations and can improve the insulation of the building. Lastly, due2 can also be installed using the traditional technique with adhesive, to make flooring highly resistant to frost and me- chanical action.

Available with natural or rectified edges, due2 comes in a variety of formats and styles and matches with several complementing parts, such as steps, skirting boards, L-shaped trims. It is also possi- ble to request personalised tiles for professional or personal use.

Thank you to our friends at Acme Brick Company for the photos!