Metropolitan Museum of Art, rooftop garden with Del Conca

The Del Conca Porcelain pavers have created a transformed space over the existing granite pavers  and a perfect setting for the new works created by Adrián Villar Rojas in his “Theater of Disappearance” exhibition. He imagined a banquet or feast where the tiles create a checkerboard ballroom floor in black, white and gray, and is populated with tables that are a surreal fusion of nearly 100 3-D imaged works of art from 17 different departments in the Museum’s collection.  The people included in the work are also 3-D imaged, including the curator of the show, the infant son of the senior exhibition designer, and other creative friends of the artist.  The diamond plate floor that covers the wooden deck creates a kind of Disco floor that also appears to ripple like water in the bright sunlight. The artist was determined to integrate the bar concession into the work, so we built a 40’ long bar clad in the porcelain to make this happen.  All of the porcelain was mitered on the furniture pieces.

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